The couple that sweats together stays together

“let’s join a gym, we could all go together.” It sounded like a great idea!

So, we looked around our local gyms and opted for one where our children could enjoy the facilities too. There is a play area in the restaurant, the kids do classes through the week such as dancing and football and we all now go swimming together, what a great idea my husband had! That was until he suggested “let’s do an excise class together.” Now I’m not the fittest person, I loved our new gym more for its great coffee and comfy sofas than I did for its state of the art equipment and 70 plus classes a week on offer, but I couldn’t say no when he pulled out the spending time with each other card. We have been together over 10 years and for two people who live in the same house we don’t actually do that many things together as a couple. He has his hobbies and I have mine so thought of having an hour a week when we actually do something together was appealing.

So off we went lycra’d up, water bottles full to his choice of class which turned out to be, an outdoor boot camp. I was mortified! Surrounded by ultra-thin women and muscle heavy men we were instructed to complete a 50 rep x5 workout in under 20 minutes. (for those requiring a translation from gym-speak to English that means I had to do five different exercises 50 times.) These consisted of squats, push ups, sit ups, something to do with a kettle and running around the court like I was a pony (high knees). Everything hurt.

However, in amongst all the (blood) sweat (and tears), the most beautiful encouragement came from my husband. “YOU CAN DO IT” he said as I’m struggling to push up for the 39 time. “YOUR DOING GREAT” he called over as I’m running around like I’m part of the grand national. “NICE BUM” he said, a little too loudly, as I’m squatting as low as I can go. Never before had I experienced such encouragement from him. This was a rare environment in which I’d put myself in a position where I was completely out of my depth and was pushed to my limit. And he was there as my biggest fan.

We now partner up in class and we also have a healthy appetite for competition too. “First one to complete the circuit gets a back massage” and let me tell you when we get home it’s never just a back massage, everyone’s a winner!

Joining the gym has bought us closer together for sure. My self-esteem has shot up and I never thought I would actually look forward to boot camp. Going to a gym class may not be possible for everyone but it’s the principle of getting active together that is really the key in why this has been so good for us. So, if you’re looking for a sweaty activity, clear the living room and turn on the dusty Wii fit,  go for a run in the park all together, get the bikes out the shed and go for a ride. Have a little healthy competition for banter and you never know what other sweaty activity that might lead to.