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A brand new Marriage Course experience

We are releasing a reimagined series of the Marriage Course, with new teaching content, creative short films, global stories, sofa couples, and expert insights – all hosted by Nicky & Sila Lee.

7 episodes of the Marriage Course

5 episodes of the Pre-Marriage Course

All available to buy and download online in January 2020

Brand new episodes

Designed for a modern audience

It’s been over fourteen years since The Marriage Course was last filmed. Since then the world has changed but it’s more relevant now than ever to strengthen and invest in marriages and relationships.

These new episodes will help transform relationships around the globe and help couples to navigate the modern challenges of marriage.

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Relevant content

The new episodes are hosted by Nicky & Sila Lee, founders of the Marriage Course.

The core content and structure of the course is familiar, addressing the age-old challenges that couples face. But there’s also new content that explores more recent relationship issues, such as managing screen time and the challenges of online pornography.


Expert interviews

Each episodes features insights from renowned experts, including:


John Kirkby CBE – Founder, Christians Against Poverty

Dr Roger Bretherton – Author and psychologist

Dr Henry Cloud – Author and international speaker

Dr Sue Johnson – Psychologist

Dr Gary Chapman – Author and international speaker

Dr Mosun Dorgu – Consultant psychiatrist

Rob Parsons OBE – Author and international speaker

Emma Waring – Psychosexual Therapist

Relatable sofa couples

There are twenty-three new sofa couples who honestly and openly share their stories and relationship challenges throughout the episodes.

These couples are from all over the world and reflect a diverse range of backgrounds, ages, and lengths of relationship.


New resources

Guides and Manuals

To accompany the new episodes, there will be brand new Guest Guides and Leaders’ Manuals that match the new format and content. These will be available to buy online.

Training videos

There will also be new training videos designed to help you and your team run the best Marriage Course possible. These videos cover everything from how build your team to finding the best background music.

Marriage Builder

All of the new episodes, resources and training will be available to access on our new online platform, Marriage Builder. Marriage Builder is a one stop shop for registering your course, downloading the latest content, and finding all of the materials you need to promote and run the Marriage Course.


Available January 2020


Run the Marriage Course using the new episodes in the new year! The series will be available to buy and download online from January 2020 – and you’ll be able to use Marriage Builder to help plan your course.

If you have any questions about the new series or resources, please do get in touch with us at


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