What's next?

After the course, it is important that as a couple, you continue to put into practice what you've learned to help keep your marriage strong and healthy. Here are some of the things we suggest to support continued investment in your marriage:  

Marriage Time

Marriage Time is about spending quality time together as a couple. This is especially challenging with busy lifestyles and children yet couples find it incredibly valuable for the long-term health of their relationship. 

Date Night Jar

Take a jar or basket and fill with slips of paper with different ideas. Choose three colours of paper based on whether the activity is free, low cost or higher cost with planning required. Next time you're stuck for ideas, pull a slip based on how much time you have and finances. (We've also seen this idea done with painted popsicle sticks- be creative!) 

There are many activities you can plan together that don't cost the earth: cooking a meal together, going for a long walk, sharing a bath or enjoying a game night with childhood boardgames. You can also plan ahead by booking a trip to the theatre or a night away at a bed and breakfast.  

Date Night Ideas 2.jpg

Click on the links below to see some of our favourite date ideas to get your imagination flowing, they range from free and easy to do at home to ideas that are a little more costly and may require planning:

Free/low cost


Inexpensive & require
little or no planning

High cost &
require planning

Recommended Reading

Learn more about marriage and relationships with Nicky and Sila’s recommended reading:

For a more extensive reading list, click here to download the pdf


The Marriage Book
Nicky & Sila Lee

Buy Now >

The Sixty Minute Marriage.jpg

The Sixty Minute Marriage 
Rob Parsons

Buy Now >

Hope For The Separated.jpg

Hope For The Separated
Gary Chapman

Buy Now >

The Mystery of Marriage.jpg

The Mystery of Marriage
Mike Mason

Buy Now >

Boundaries In Marriage.jpg

Boundaries in Marriage
Dr Henry Cloud & Dr John Townsend

Buy Now >


A Celebration of Sex
Dr Douglas E Rosenau

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Professional Counselling 

Sometimes couples require additional help. As a first step, we recommend you ask your course leader for a referral. They can often recommend someone suited to your needs and based near you. 

If you prefer more specific support, the organisations listed below can put you in touch with accredited counsellors. (Try to speak with the counsellor(s) in advance to make sure they hold similar values to you regarding marriage before booking a session.)



‘What is amazing is the loving, caring space that's created; we didn’t feel judged for not being married. That is the contemporary nature of what you are doing there, allowing people to access the church.’

- Jessie (Marriage Course Guest)


'The Marriage Course helped me tremendously, moving me away from trying to fix my wife, to listening to her.'

- Dan (Marriage Course Guest)

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